Below is a list of the most frequently asked questions about our business. We hope they will be helpful.

What does Port do?

Port is a tourism investor and  a beverage and food industry importer.

When was Port established?

It was established in March 2021.

Which brands does Port own?

Nata Lisboa, Casa Genova and Airobile are the brands that are operated by Port. 

What is Nata Lisboa?

Nata Lisboa is a Portuguese origin cafe and brasserie chain specialised in Portuguese local flavours such as pastel de nata.

What is Casa Genova?

Casa Genova is a hotel-standart flat rent platform in the Galata region in Beyoglu district, one of the favorite touristic spots of Istanbul.

What is Airobile?

Airobile is an e-scooter rent program available in the Galata region of Beyoğlu district. Airobile offers some strong e-scooter for tourists in the region.

Do you have franchising options?

In the future, we will be offering some franchising options.

How can I rent a flat at Casa Genova?

You can use Airbnb for renting options.

How can I rent an e-scooter?

Please visit for further information.

How can I apply to a job at Port?

Please e-mail your CV to

How many branches does Nata Lisboa have?

Only Galata branch is open for now. Other branches are on the way. Please keep in touch.